The “Masseria”

For your holidays in Salento…Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo to discover the ancient pleasure of being in contact with nature

When you get into Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo, the fascination of the past involves you in a particular experience. Outliving time and the passing of the seasons, the farm has maintained the charm of its architectural simplicity, which blends harmoniously with the rural landscape around it.

The recent restructure work allows today to admire the fine processing of the tuff stone vaults, which arch upwards from the Lecce stone pillars that bear their weight in the architectural device typical of the starred -vaults of the Salento.

The masseria is built around three courtyards: the front one, the inner and the rear courtyards.

In the central part of the old masseria, in addition to the reception, where a huge wall fireplace can also be admired, there is also an attractive bar and a spacious restaurant, whose central hall still houses an old XVIII wood oven. The spacious conference room obtained from the old granary and the “pajera” (barn), currently houses a permanent exhibition of local painters and a small library open to the masseria’s guests.

The masseria offers its guests the great comfort of 18 beautifully furnished rooms which all take access from the splendid inner courtyard.  This allows you, after pass through an attractive space roofed over with a cover known as cannizzu, to reach also the rear courtyard and admire the beautiful pool shielded from the wind by a fine structure made of tufa stone and by olive trees all around.


The Estate


The Pool