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For your holidays in Salento…Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo to discover the ancient pleasure of being in contact with nature

The Masseria is situated in the heart of Salento and in the Grecìa Salentina in particular. In Sternatia as in all the countries of grika origin, traces of the Greek-Byzantine influence can be found in the toponymy, in the surnames, in the architectural structures of the houses, in short, everything speaks also griko men in the square standing “in mantagnata”.

The land of Apulia is a region where the sea, art, culture, tradition and spirituality fuse together in a variegated, poetic blend. The National Geographic has described Apulia in general, and the Salento in particular, as one of the best destinations in the world, one that everyone should see at least once.

Apulia is a unique land where the crystalline sea and its mild year-round climate provide the setting for beautiful landscapes, ancient local traditions that are still related to the old rural way of doing things and the healthy foods of the Mediterranean diet.

The Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo guarantees a different approach to your holiday, one that is rooted intimately in its native land. We offer you itineraries that will take you to visit the history of our area with guided tours to ensure that you get the best from your holiday in the Salento.

Located south of Lecce, in the heart of the Salento, the estate occupies a strategic position for tourists and others passing through who want to get to know places that have long been the custodians of crypts, monuments, churches, palaces and works of art of inestimable value. The splendid coasts of the Adriatic Sea, the Otranto Channel and the Ionian Sea, with the Baroque architecture of Lecce and the phenomenon of “Tarantism and the Night of the Taranta” are among the excellent ingredients that go to make up the Salento brand that is now known all over the world.

Less well-known, although it is certainly noticed and appreciated by tourists, is the kind and friendly nature of the locals in this southern area of the Salento, whose population has developed this approach as an inheritance of thousands of years of the more or less peaceful invasions of peoples coming from the shores of the Adriatic. These influences have made the area into a rich mosaic of arts and cultures that now make it stand out as a rather special place, just as a holiday.




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