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For your holidays in Salento…Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo to discover the ancient pleasure of being in contact with nature

Attualmente nei 18 ettari che circondano la Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo ci sono più di 4000 alberi di ulivo e diversi alberi da frutta.

The 18 hectares that surround the Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo are now home to more than 4,000 olive trees and a variety of fruit trees.

The farm’s main focus is on cultivating olives and producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil that has been identified by Slow Food as one of Italy’s finest. It should be noted that the majority of the products we use in our restaurant come straight from our own vegetable garden and from the trees on the estate, which are all biological cultivations.

Another feature of this farm is the set of aloe greenhouse, visible in the distance as they stand tall above the olive trees.

The estate is a member of the “didactic masserie” group, which is committed to passing its accumulated knowledge on by using educational itineraries. As the estate’s owners are medical doctors, they are in favour of correct practices of nutrition. Working through the Centro Cuore Carcagnì, owned by the same family and with which the estate is connected, a series of training events are planned about the Mediterranean diet and other health-related issues.

One of the aims of Tenuta Masseria Chicco Rizzo is to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and of genuine foods. To do this, we organise also guided tours in our farm to provide you with information about our various products, that you can pick up straight off the trees.

During harvesting times, we organise days when you can come and have fun harvesting olives and spending a day in close contact with nature. A visit to the farm can also be extended to take in a viewing of the traditional and modern techniques of harvesting and further visits to the nearby “hypogeum oil-mills”.


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