– Cooking Class

Learn to cook dishes of Salento and enjoy the wonderful cooking lessons from Chicco Rizzo organized by the staff and partners at the Masseria for a unique experience during your vacation in Salento.
Contact us for more information, pricing, availability and reservations … and good food at all!
For you a full course of Apulian cuisine divided into 3 4 or 6 lessons, to get a complete overview of the traditional local recipes and learn different techniques of preparation and cooking.
The courses can be followed by all because it is divided into different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, and you can also ask Tuscan cooking classes tailored to your needs or your interests.

– Workshop of Bread

Preparation of bread or traditional desserts, with the possibility of ignition of the old oven in 1700 for the cooking of the same products as in the past: pucce, Friselle “piscialette” cuddure, or preparation of home-made pasta with traditional country stations in which to mix the ingredients, knead and cut the loaves of bread, pastries and cakes traditions.